About Lead with CPS

Through Lead with CPS, staff citywide can participate in a robust set of professional and leadership development opportunities to set you up for long-term career success.

Pedro Martinez

CEO, Chicago Public Schools

Started in 2019 but re-imagined in 2023, Lead with CPS is the district’s most comprehensive leadership development strategy to date, with dedicated programs for nearly all employees through Teachers Lead Chicago (for teachers), CPS School Leaders (for principals and assistant principals) and Lead Citywide (for Central and Network Office staff). A track for school-based support staff will be coming soon.

This Lead with CPS culture shift is opening access to engage in these programs through this website, normalizing taking the time needed to participate in career development, and providing equity across the district around career pathways and the continued growth of all employees.


Discover opportunities to grow in your current role, and/or explore other areas of interest.


Leaders in every school are supported and compensated without having to leave the classroom.

School Leaders

Principals and assistant principals, as well as future school leaders, learn to equip and empower everyone in their school community to reach their highest potential.

Central or Network Office Team Members

New growth opportunities for everyone from new employees to seasoned leaders are available through a new tiered leadership structure.

School-Based Support Team Members

Coming soon.

Lead with CPS is generously supported by Chicago Public Education Fund, Crown Family Philanthropies and the U.S. Department of Education.