Come Lead With CPS

An investment in our staff, and by extension, our students’ success.

I am a Teacher

Explore teacher leadership and development opportunities to grow your career and support student success.

I am a School Leader

Learn about programs and opportunities available to current and aspiring school leaders to support your growth and have school-wide impact.

I am a Central or Network Office Team Member

Explore professional and leadership development opportunities to support you in your current role and set you on a path to long-term career success.

About Lead With CPS

Through Lead with CPS, Chicago Public Schools staff across the city can participate in a robust set of professional and leadership development opportunities for support in your current roles and to set you on a path toward long-term career success.

Lead with CPS is creating a culture shift that normalizes taking the time needed to engage in career development, and it provides equity across the district around career pathways and the continued growth of all employees.

Highlighted Opportunities


TLC New Teacher Mentor

New Teacher Mentors (formerly Framework Specialists) serve as mentors for first-year CPS teachers in their grade/content areas, lead New Teacher Orientation, additional opportunities to lead district wide teacher professional development.
School Leaders

The Common Program Application

The Common Program Application provides an opportunity for current and aspiring leaders to apply to programs that best fit their professional growth needs in one place, and which are offered through the Department of Principal Quality, the Office of Equity, and The Chicago Public Education Fund.
Central & Network Offices

CPS Executive Leadership Seminar Series

Cohort experience for CPS’ Central Office and Network leaders. This program is designed to provide senior leaders with opportunities to learn best in class leadership strategies and interact with peers, industry leaders, and faculty at the University of Chicago to effectively lead innovation and change