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About Lead with CPS

In our Five-Year Vision, we made a commitment to provide clear career pathways for our team and to invest in strong leaders across the district. Through Lead with CPS, you will learn how roles across the district are aligned to a universal set of leadership competencies and discover opportunities to develop in those areas. This competency framework will help you learn how to grow and develop in your current role as well as other potential roles in the district if desired.

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Highlighted Opportunities

Civic Leadership Academy

Leadership development program for emerging and high potential leaders in nonprofit organizations and local government within the City of Chicago and Cook County.
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HACE Leadership Academy

HACE intends to increase the competencies and skills of emerging non-profit professional leaders that are committed to serving Latinx and diverse communities, by building their capacity, develop leadership pipelines and develop local support networks. There are both Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 cohorts.
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Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL)

A Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) is a CPS teacher who leads a small team of adults while still teaching students. MCLs are released from teaching part-time and receive ongoing professional development to learn ways to build the capacity of their peers.
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