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About Lead with CPS

In our Five-Year Vision, we made a commitment to provide clear career pathways for our team and to invest in strong leaders across the district. Through Lead with CPS, you will learn how roles across the district are aligned to a universal set of leadership competencies and discover opportunities to develop in those areas. This competency framework will help you learn how to grow and develop in your current role as well as other potential roles in the district if desired.

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Highlighted Opportunities

Chicago Principals Fellowship

The Chicago Principals Fellowship program is designed for high-performing principals who would benefit from an intensive leadership development experience and have interest in learning more about district policy-making.
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Val-Ed Assessment

The Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education (Val-Ed) is a research-based, 360-degree leadership diagnostic tool. Val-Ed focuses on gathering evidence of leadership competencies and behaviors that are specific to the role of a school principal.
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CLC Principal Mentor

CLC Mentor Principals provide development opportunities and coaching to a CLC resident principal on the day-to-day activities and responsibilities associated with the principal's role as the school leader.
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