The Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) role is an opportunity for teachers seeking to exercise leadership from the classroom. Principals hire MCLs directly from the MCL Eligibility Pool maintained by the Talent Office. During SY18-19, the MCL role was piloted at seven schools. For 2019-2020, MCL roles are available at 17 Empowered Schools. The Empowered Schools Cohort is a group of Opportunity Schools who design and implement a customized model of distributed leadership to improve student achievement, teacher retention, and teacher practice. Click here [] for more information about Opportunity schools.

Eligibility: Three years teaching experience required, with most recent REACH rating Excellent or most recent REACH Practice rating Distinguished.

Competency Alignment

Influences others to positive action: The MCL provides coaching to up to 6 teachers. MCLs are driven to achieve two goals: building the capacity of peers to improve practice and improving student outcomes.

Fosters trusting relationships to enable productive change: The MCL builds trust with the team of teachers, the Distributed Leadership Specialist, Principal, and other members of the school leadership team to support the growth and development of the teacher team.

Adapts and shows resilience to create solutions: The MCL provides differentiated support to members of their teacher team.