Mujeres de HACE is a women’s leadership program geared to empower high-potential Latina professionals, at manager level or above (OR those with potential seeking to obtain a manager level role or above), to succeed professionally and thrive personally by providing insight, access and professional development in an effective manner: individualized, culturally relevant curricula and via collaboration, mentoring and powerful relationships that continue beyond completion of the program. This fourteen week program consists of weekly 3-hour sessions that will assist in mastering multiple roles and unique challenges that Latina professionals face. The content covered in these sessions is designed to develop participants ability to lead. The program consists of key components: Discovering Leadership Style & Strategic Planning, Developing your Personal Brand, Building Effective Partnerships and Networks, Utilizing Financial Planning Tips & Tools, and Achieving Optimal Work – Life Balance, Practicing Negotiating and Influence. Participants will be able to develop their ability to deliver and execute the content they learned in the form of group presentations.

Eligibility: Latina currently in or interested in being at manager level or above.

Competency Alignment

Influences others to positive action: Members learn to influence others through program sessions designed to enhance negotiation skills, and their ability to be influential.

Strategizes and drives for results to maximize impact: Members attend programs that focus on discovering their own leadership style, and strategic planning.

Fosters trusting relationships to enable productive change: Members build empowering and motivating relationships with other members as well as executive coaches.

Adapts and shows resilience to create solutions: Members develop skills necessary to address unique cultural values and challenges they may face personally, or while working for their organizations.