The Visiting Fellowship is a critical professional development solution for organizations hoping to grow and retain their current emerging leaders and high-performing managers.  The Visiting Fellowship focuses on developing emerging leaders who are well-positioned and eager to deepen their impact at their existing organization. Participating in EP’s signature leadership development and cohort experiences will help these leaders re-energize their commitment to education by deepening their hard and soft skills, engaging in peer consulting, and expanding their professional network.  Supervisors must nominate emerging leaders to participate in the Visiting Fellowship.

Eligibility: Currently in a manager or director-level role, three to five years of full-time work experience, in and/or outside the education sector.

Competency Alignment

Strategizes and drives for results to maximize impact: EP’s leadership development workshops will leave Visiting Fellows with the skills, mindsets, and K-12 knowledge they need to advance their careers in their existing organization and beyond.  Visiting Fellows participate in structured workshops that explore topics defining today’s education landscape, like the opportunity gap, school systems, change management, and more.

Fosters trusting relationships to enable productive change: Visiting Fellows will hear directly from prominent education leaders who serve as guest speakers, dive into case studies, and receive critical peer consulting on an organizational challenge of their own. Visiting Fellows participate in regular leadership development workshops and learning opportunities alongside other Education Pioneers. Visiting Fellows will receive lifelong access to this group of change agents who can provide career advice, share best practices, connect them with long-term opportunities, and more.