The Talent Office and the Office of Teaching and Learning have partnered to create a robust student teaching experience for pre-service teachers. Our departments are excited to engage veteran teachers who are passionate about shaping the next generation of CPS teachers.  Throughout the program, a Cooperating Teacher will work with a student-teacher guiding them in identifying and developing their individual areas of strength and teaching style. The cycle of mentoring includes modeling best teaching practices, reviewing and providing feedback on daily and long-range plans, and providing written observations of the student teacher’s endeavors. Cooperating Teachers will support the student-teacher with implementing effective procedures and classroom management. Additionally, the Cooperating Teacher will be responsible for helping the student-teacher learn the building procedures and build relationships with the students and staff. Cooperating Teachers qualify for tuition waivers at partnering universities; this varies by institution.

Eligibility: Licensed and qualified to teach in the content-area, 3 years of teaching experience, received a proficient or above performance rating in most recent REACH evaluation.

Competency Alignment

Influences others to positive action: Cooperating Teachers provide actionable feedback to foster growth and development.  They model effective teaching practices that student-teachers can replicate in their classrooms.

Strategizes and drives for results to maximize impact: Cooperating Teachers support the development of instructional lessons that address all learners. They empower student-teachers to incorporate formative and summative assessments throughout units of instruction. The Cooperating Teacher delegates productively, growing capacity, and providing earned autonomy by assigning the student-teacher tasks and projects while overseeing student achievement.

Fosters trusting relationships to enable productive change: Cooperating Teachers listen intently and communicate constructive feedback to student-teachers. The Cooperating Teacher observes lessons and evaluates the growth and development of the student-teacher.