A Consulting Educator (CE) must be a tenured teacher with five or more years of experience at CPS and a most recent REACH rating of Excellent. The CE uses their expertise to help a colleague completing a Remediation Plan. For three hours per week, the CE supports the educator in Remediation to improve professional practice. During this time, the CE conducts non-evaluative observations and provides ongoing feedback and coaching. The CE receives training on coaching through the Office of Educator Effectiveness.

Eligibility: Tenured with five years of experience at CPS, with a most recent REACH rating of Excellent.

Competency Alignment

Influences others to positive action: The CE works directly with an educator to help the educator improve practice. The CE conducts non-evaluative observations, coaches, and provides ongoing feedback to the educator.

Strategizes and drives for results to maximize impact: The CE will provide suggestions and demonstrate practices that will assist an educator in achieving a REACH rating of Proficient or higher.