Bonfire: “The Cohort Experience” exists as a community that seeks to support, empower, and challenge women to bring out the internal assets and identify the internal challenges that can support and impede their personal, professional, and community growth to maximize their probability of success in reaching their near and long term ambitions. Bonfires’ curriculum and experience is designed to help participants: Claim Their Voice, Use Their Power, and ultimately, Matter More. Participants will gain more clarity around their POV and purpose and more focus in achieving greater impact, which they will be able to bring back to their organizations.

Eligibility: Women leaders between the ages of 20-40 years old who are rising talent with demonstrated potential for extraordinary leadership in the workplace of the future.

Competency Alignment

Fellows will be challenged to cultivate and exercise influence in their institution and beyond.

Fellows will be challenged to develop self-awareness and understand how they are percieved by others and create opportunities to build meaningful connections.