Influences others to positive action

  • Articulates a clear vision tied to student success
  • Communicates compellingly and motivates others
  • Makes and communicates difficult decisions while building momentum
  • Provides thoughtful and actionable feedback

Strategizes and drives for results to maximize impact

  • Acts with integrity in the long-term best interests of CPS students
  • Demonstrates courage in making difficult decisions
  • Delegates productively, growing capacity and providing earned autonomy
  • Incorporates learnings from previous projects into future work

Fosters trusting relationships to enable productive change

  • Expresses understanding and empathy
  • Cultivates an environment of productive conflict, proactively resolving disputes
  • Demonstrates cultural competence, working positively and effectively with a diverse range of stakeholder groups
  • Listens intently, incorporates feedback and effectively communicates

Adapts and shows resilience to create solutions

  • Rebounds from individual and team setbacks by adjusting plans
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, persistence, and integrity in the face of adversity
  • Pursues equitable outcomes for all students relentlessly
  • Embraces ambiguity and thinks creatively